The Scientific Archives of the Institute of psychology RAS


In the Institute of psychology there is scientific archives which include many works and documents of various contents – personal funds of psychologists, funds of scientific organizations, documents of scientific life in home psychology. The head of the archives is Sosnina Lyuchiya Mikhailovna.


The majority part of Archives is personal scientific funds of Russian psychologists. In present the Archives store more than 50 funds among which there are the funds of founders of home soviet psychology – S.L.Rubinstein, B.G.Ananiev, P.Ya.Gal’perin, of leaders in psycho-technique – I.N.Shpil’reyn, S.G.Gillerstein. D.I.Reytynbarg and others, of one of the prominent representative of pedology – A.P.Nechaev, of well-known soviet scientists – B.F.Lomov, A.V.Brushlinsky, K.K.Platonov, A.I.Mescheryakov, A.V.Yarmolenko, E.A.Budilova. V.I.Kauf,man and others.


The Archives is located: Moscow, ul.Yaroslavskaya, 13, rooms 222-223, 322. Phone: +7 (495) 683-52-50

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