About Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Psychology is the only one in the Russian Academy of Science which deals with the fundamental problems of psychology. The Institute has been established in 1971.

The following scientific subdivisions carry out fundamental, and applied, investigations in the following spheres:

  • general psychology;
  • the psychology of personality;
  • history of psychology;
  • differential psychology;
  • psychophysiology;
  • social psychology;
  • engineering and workplace psychology;
  • developmental and cognitive psychology;
  • the psychology of speech and psycholinguistics;
  • post-traumatic syndrome and disorder;
  • and others

There are more than 100 PhD's on the Institute staff, including Academician of RAE, prof. K.A.Abulkhanova; Academician of RAE prof. T.N.Ushakova; corr. member of Academy prof. V.A.Barabanschikov, corr. member of Academy professor A.V.Yurevich, corr. member of Academy of creative activity of Russian Federation V.P.Morozov; honoured science worker of Russia, honorary member of RAE, prof. L.I.Antzyferova; honoured science and technics worker of Russia, prof. V.A.Bodrov; honoured science worker of Russia, prof. V.V.Znakov, prof. Yu.I.Aleksandrov, prof. A.N.Lebedev, prof. A.A.Mit'kin, prof. N.D.Pavlova, prof. E.A.Sergienko, prof V.A.Koltzova,  D.N.Zavalishina, , N.V.Tarabrina and many other respected figures.

The history of the Institute is connected with such people as Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, prof. B.F.Lomov (the founder and the first director of the Institute (1971-1989)); Corresponding Member of RAS, prof. A.V.Brushlinsky (the director of the Institute from 1989 till 2002); the first prize winner of the Bekhterev Golden medal, honoured science worker of Russia, prof. Ya.A.Ponomarev; the founder of subjective psychophysics, prof. K.V.Bardin; corr. member of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, prof. V/D.Nebylitzyn; renowned neurophysiologist,  prof. V.B.Shvyrkov;prof. E.V.Shorokhova,  prof. V.N.Druzhinin, and highly respected social psychologist M.I.Bobneva.

The current acting director of the Institute is  corr memeber of RAE, professor Anatoliy Laktionovich Zhuravlev.

The Institute of psychology also owns a successful publishing house, "The Institute of Psychology RAN", a department of post-graduate study and other educational structures.


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